Plan of St Sepulchre’s Cemetery, Oxford made by Peter Bostock in 1988

Plan of graves by Bostock
To find a specific grave
  • Make sure you know the row and grave number. The sections with letters in the plan above made by Canon Peter Bostock in August 1987 are just a guide and do not show up clearly like this when you are in the cemetery.
  • Note that the entrance to the cemetery is at the top right-hand corner of the above plan. So when you first enter, the 55 rows lie in front of you, running right to left (although on the side you enter the first four rows have an area with no graves, and the rows at the opposite end are very short and only in the middle).
  • There are approximately 71 plots in each row, running from north to south (or right to left as you enter the cemetery). So the best starting-point when you enter the cemetery is to turn right immediately and go to the far corner (north-east) where you are at Row 1, Grave 1.
  • Walk forward counting the rows, and then left counting the graves: this should bring you to the grave you are looking for, but it is easy to get it slightly wrong, so if you have a photograph of the grave you want, make sure you have it with you.
  • The blank area in the middle of the cemetery is the sitting area, and that can be a useful guide too for counting
  • Note that the bottom end of the cemetery gets overgrown in summer with cow parsley and brambles start to grow, so it is a good idea to wear sensible footwear and to bring secateurs and gloves, or at least a pair of scissors, if you want to photograph a grave.

The entrance to this cemetery is set back from the road and is easy to miss. The short track leading to the gatehouse is beside the Londis shop on the part of Walton Street to the north of Juxon Street (map).

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