Streets listed in the 1861 census in the area covered by St Sepulchre’s Cemetery

The following are the Descriptions given by the enumerator at the front of the ten relevant 1861 census books covering the whole “catchment area” of St Sepulchre’s Cemetery: namely the three parishes (St Mary Magdalen, St Giles, and St Michael) and the district chapelry of St Thomas’s parish (St Paul’s). In 1861 the situation was the same as when the cemetery opened in 1848, as St Giles’s parish was still intact and massive, stretching to just south of Summertown.

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Oxford Superintendent Registrar’s District (sub-district Oxford)

Enumeration District No. 6
[St Mary Magdalen parish,
1st book ]

RG9/894, Folios 1–30

Enumerator: Harry Theophilus Carr

218 inhabited houses,
5 uninhabited, 0 building
3 colleges
547 males, 764 females = 1311

Part of Saint Mary Magdalen;
Comprising: the West side of Park Street [three houses on Parks Road, down to the inn on the corner];
the North side of Broad Street, Trinity College, Balliol College;
Numbers 1 to 4 on the East side of Saint Giles’ Street, Saint John’s College, No. 58 to the Taylor Buildings on the West side of Saint Giles’ Street;
Magdalen Street
, Cross Yard;
Friar’s Entry, Friar’s Court, Albert Court;
Beaumont Place; Beaumont Street;
Nos. 1 to 10 on the East side of Saint John’s Street, Nos. 49 to 53 on the West Side of same Street;
Nos. 1 to 11 Beaumont Buildings and a Cottage at Beaumont Mews

Enumeration District No. 7
[St Mary Magdalen parish,
2nd book ]

RG9/894, Folios 31–59

Enumerator: William Ives

238 inhabited houses,
9 uninhabited, 0 building
City Gaol
567 males, 677 females = 1244

Remaining part of St Mary Magdalen Parish;
Nos. 14 to 41 on the south side of George St,
the whole of the North side of the same St,
Black Swan Yard, Farmer’s Row, Queen’s Court, Broken Hayes, Bown’s Yard, Victoria Court, Red Lion Square, Gloucester Green, the City Gaol,
Gloucester Lane [Street],
the East side of Worcester St,
and the East side of Walton St from the Workhouse Gardens to Beaumont Street

Enumeration District No. 8
[St Michaels parish]

RG9/894, Folios 60–82

Enumerator: George Brunner

167 inhabited houses,
11 uninhabited, 0 building
2 colleges
471 males, 500 females = 971


The whole of the Parish of Saint Michael, Oxford; comprising Nos. 9 to 31 on the East side of Corn Market Street, Nos. 32 to 51 on the West side of the same Street;
Market Street
; Bell Yard; Ship Street,
Exeter College to Broad Street on the East side of Turl Street, Jesus College to Broad Street on the West side of Turl Street; Tredwell’s Yard;
the South side of Broad Street; Saunder’s Yard; Boxall’s Passage;
Nos. 1 to 12 on the South side of George Street;
New Inn Hall Street from Corn Market Street to the House of D. V. Durell, Esquire. [part of this now renamed St Michael’s Street] and back again from the House of W. C. Branwell, Esquire to Corn Market Street. Elm Cottages and the Star passage


Headington Union Superintendent Registrar’s District (sub-district St Clement’s)

Enumeration District No. 14
[St Giles parish, 1st book]

RG9/892, Folios 1–17

Enumerator: Thomas Giles

147 inhabited houses,
0 uninhabited, 0 building
1 boat:
304 males, 372 females =  681

The description is missing from this census book, but it comprised the following:

Observatory Street, Nos. 9–65;
Adelaide Street
, Nos. 1–27;
West side of Walton Street
from Jericho Street northwards (Nos 56–66, including the cemetery lodge between 65 and 66), followed immediately by
Nos. 1–8 Walton Terrace and then by 67–74 Walton Street and the Grafton Iron Foundry (later Lucy’s). (The street numbering of Walton Street was later changed to incorporate the terrace, and the west side now runs to No. 85 at the point where it meets Walton Well Road.)
East si
de of Walton Street from the Victoria on the south corner of Observatory Street (then numbered 83/84, now 89/90) and the houses to the south then numbered 85 to 111]

Enumeration District No. 15
[St Giles parish, 2nd book]

Folios 18–39

Enumerator: Frederick R. Williams

170 inhabited houses,
13 uninhabited, 1 building
334 males, 566 females = 900

Part of the Parish of Saint Giles lying between a line drawn from the Old Man’s Gate, Port Meadow by Heyfield’s Hut Public House to the private occupation Road leading to Blackhall Farm from the Banbury turnpike road on the North; and Walton Ford, Walton Street, St John’s Road [now St Bernard’s Road], the Cross Road opposite the Horse & Jockey between the Banbury and Woodstock Roads and Road leading to Broadmoor at top of the Parks on the South; bounded by the river Cherwell on the East and the Oxford Canal on the West;

including Park Town and Cottage on Greenwood’s Land beyond Rackham’s Corner and Cottages and Half Mile trees; Southbourne and Eastbourne and Mallam’s House on Woodstock Road, Hester’s and Parsons’ Houses between the Woodstock and Banbury Roads with entrance Lodge to Hester’s,
North Parade, Blenheim Place,
Plantation Road
with opening to St John’s Road,
Walton Street
East Side from 75 to 83 inclusive [numbering different today], but omitting all the Houses in St John’s Road

Enumeration District No. 16
[St Giles parish, 3rd book]

RG9/892, Folios 40–64

Enumerator:  Henry Hoggs

200 inhabited houses,
3 uninhabited, 6 building
425 males, 614 females = 1039

Part of the Parish of Saint Giles from and including No. 38 St John’s Road [now St Bernard’s Road], along the North side of Saint John’s Road to the Horse and Jockey Public House, Crossing into and along the Banbury Road to the top of Bates’s Nursery, along the Parks Road to the Back entrance of St. John’s College Close, thence through the Stable Yard, into Saint Giles Street, along the East side of Saint Giles Street to the Pheasant Public House [No. 30], Crossing through Saint Giles Church Yard to and along the East side of Saint Giles’s Road to the Royal Oak Public House, then along the west side of the said Road to the Corner of Observatory Street, along the south side of Observatory Street to and including No. 8, returning along the north side of the same street to Saint Giles’s Road and thence to the Corner of Saint John’s Road;

Comprising the whole of Saint John’s Road, with Horse and Jockey Public House, South Parade, Saint John’s Terrace,
Observatory Street (South Side) No. 1 to 8 inclusive, and (North Side) No. 64 to 72 inclusive,
the Observatory,
the East side of Saint Giles Road [south end of Woodstock Road] (part of this said Road is called Saint Giles’s Terrace),
West from Jeffrey’s Cottage to Corner of Saint Giles’s Church, Groom’s residence in Saint John’s College Stable Yard,
St Giles’s Street (East Side) No. 5 to 31 inclusive,
Park Place, Bates Nursery, Browning’s House [south end of Banbury Road] and Gardener’s Cottages,
Park Villas and Houses adjoining Church on Banbury Road [Ss Philip & James, which opened in the following year], Dunbar Nursery, Parker’s Square and Cottage in rear Adams Yard, and Windmill Yard, Park Lane, Museum Terrace, and Cottages on Parks Road adjoining.

Enumeration District No. 17
[St Giles parish, 4th book]

RG9/892, Folios 65–87

Enumerator: John Williams

199 inhabited houses,
3 uninhabited, 0 building
397 males, 565 females = 962

All that part of the parish of Saint Giles which lies west of Saint Giles’s Street and Woodstock Road and to the South of the Infirmary Gardens and Premises;

including part of Beaumont Buildings and Saint John Street;
St Giles’s Street West side with Drewitt’s Yard, Eagle & Child Yard;
Wellington Place, and Bridgewater’s Yard;
Little Clarendon Street
with East and West Courts;
Walton Street
East side including Saint Paul’s School;
Cock’s Row; and St Giles’s Road West side [Woodstock Road]

Two Institutions
[St Giles parish, 5th book]

RG9/892, Folios 88–100

Radcliffe Infirmary Principal resident officer: Samuel Trash

16 nurses (female),
2 male, 8 female servants
78 male patients, 55 female

(1) Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford for the relief of the Sick & Lame Poor from whatever County recommended


(2) Oxford Workhouse [No introductory description or totals]
This was at Rats & Mice Hill, now Wellington Square
Principal resident officer: Samuel Trash


Oxford Superintendent Registrar’s District (sub-district Oxford)

Enumeration District No. 18
[St Paul’s District Chapelry, 1st Book]

RG9/896, Folios 46–76

Enumerator: William Davis

257 inhabited houses,
6 uninhabited, 2 building
1 college
645 males, 683 females = 1328

Part of the Parish of Saint Thomas. Bounded on the south by Hythe Bridge Street, on the East by Worcester Street and Walton Street, on the North by other Portion of the said Ecclesiastical District No. 19, and on the West by the Oxford Canal

Comprising the House at the corner of Worcester Street, Worcester College, Worcester Place;
Nos. 1 to 35 Walton Street [east side up to and including the University Press]; Worcester Terrace [now Richmond Road]; University Printing Office;
[Great] Clarendon Street, Clarendon Buildings;
Wellington Street; Nelson Street; and Albert Street

Enumeration District No. 19
[St Paul’s District Chapelry, 2nd Book]

RG9/896, Folios 76–97

Enumerator: John Andrews

190 inhabited houses,
10 uninhabited, 3 building
431 males, 480 females = 911

Remaining part of Parish of St Thomas, bounded on the South by District No 18, on the North by Jericho Street, and on the West by The Oxford Canal

Comprising No. 36 to 54 Walton Street [between Great Clarendon Street and Jericho Street],
Jericho Street
, Jericho Gardens,
Cardigan Street
, Portland Place (Cardigan St);
Union Street; and King Street

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