Richard TIMS (c.1828–1849)
William TIMS (1834–1866)
St Paul section: Row 16, Grave A7 [St Paul ref. E13]

Richard Tims

[On cross, facing west]

[On sloping roof of this cross, below]
aged XX years
?XXII May ?ano ?dno


[On cross, facing east, shown left]
DIED SEP. 21, 1866


The end of the inscription to Richard Tims on the sloping roof is shown below

Timms top of grave

Richard and William Tims were brothers, the sons of William Tims senior, a carpenter, and Susannah Greenaway, who were both living in Hornton near Banbury when they were married at the church there on 28 December 1820. They had the following children:

  • Anna Maria Tims (born in Hornton in 1824 and baptised there on 11 July)
  • Patience Tims (born in Hornton in 1827 and baptised there on 16 October)
  • Richard Tims (born in c.1828, probably at Hornton, but does not appear to have been baptised there)
  • Frederick Tims (born in Hornton in 1830 and baptised there on 19 May)
  • Betsey Tims (born in Hornton in 1832 and baptised there on 21 February): see separate grave
  • William Tims (born in Hornton in 1834 and baptised there on 13 July)
  • George Tims (born Hornton in c.1836, but does not appear to have been baptised there)
  • Sarah Tims (born in Hornton in c.1841, but does not appear to have been baptised there)

At the time of the 1841 census William (7) was living in Hornton with his father William, who was a carpenter, and his mother Susanna, and his sister Betsey (10) and brother George (5). It is likely that Sarah was born just after the census. Four of the children are very hard to find: Anna Maria (16), Patience (13), Richard (12), and Frederick (9).

The William Tims who died in Hornton at the age of 56 and who was buried there on 11 September 1845 is probably Richard and William's father. Their mother moved to Oxford with some of her children, including Richard, William, and Sarah.

Richard and William's eldest sister Anna, who was in service in Banbury, was married in 1847:

  • On 20 July 1847 at St Mary's Church, Banbury, Anna Maria Tims, described as a servant of West Street, Banbury, married William Grainger, a college servant of Holywell Street, the son of William Grainger senior, who was also a college servant. Her sister Patience was one of the witnesses.

Mrs Anna Maria Grainger settled with her husband in Oxford, but sadly she died there less than eight months after her wedding (at the age of only 23) and was buried at St Cross churchyard on 16 March 1848.

Richard Tims was living at Portland Place (the south end of Cardigan Street) in the St Paul's District Chapelry in 1849, and it is likely that is where his mother was also then living.

Richard Tims

Richard died there in 1849:

† Richard Tims died at Portland Place, Oxford at the age of 20 In May 1849 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 23 May (burial recorded in the parish register of St Paul's Church).

The sexton's records show that he was buried at a depth of 6 feet 6 inches in the area that St Paul's described as E13. In the parish register it is noted that Richard was a communicant.

At the time of the 1851 census Richard's younger brother William Tims (17) was a college servant, and he and his mother Susannah (49) and sister Sarah (10) were living at Back Cottage 1, near Bath Place, Holywell Street with the widower William Grainger (28), who had been the husband of Anna Maria. Betsey (with her age given as 20, but she was in fact 18) was a house servant in Banbury. Again some of William's siblings are hard to find, namely Patience (23), Richard (22), Frederick (19), and George (14).

By 1853 Mrs Susannah Tims appears to have moved to Observatory Street as her daughter Betsey was married from that address that year:

  • On 26 July 1853 at St Paul's Church, Oxford, Betsey Tims of Observatory Street married John Usher, a cabinet maker of Hoxton, London and the son of the baker William Usher. The witnesses included William, George, and Patience Tims, probably her three siblings with those names.

At the time of the 1861 census William Tims (27), who was still a college servant, was living at 2 Observatory Street with his mother Susannah (59) and his younger brother George (25), who was also a college servant. His other unmarried sister Patience (34) was a servant at Headington House, the grand home of the banker William Wootten-Undershell and his family.

His brother George was married in 1864:

  • On 19 July 1864 at St Giles's Church, Oxford, George Tims (28), described as a college servant, married Eliza Bourton (20), the daughter of the nurseryman Thomas Bourton. They were both living in Observatory Street at the time of their wedding, and Patience Tims was once again a witness.

Willilam Tims died a bachelor in 1866, and was buried with his brother Richard:

† William Tims died at Observatory Street at the age of 32 on 21 September 1866 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery (burial recorded in the parish register of St Paul's Church).

The St Paul's parish register says that he was 33, died at Wellington Street, and was buried on 31 August 1866, all of which disagree with the gravestone and William's probate record. His effects came to under £200, and his mother Susannah was his executor.

Richard and William's mother Susannah Tims remained at 2 Observatory Street with her daughter Sarah. At the time of the 1871 she was described as a lodging-house keeper there, and her daughter Sarah (30) as a dressmaker: they had just one lodger. Meanwhile her other unmarried daughter Patience (44) was still at Headington House with the same family, who had changed their surname to Wootten-Wootten.

In 1881 Susannah (79) was still at 2 Observatory Street, this time with her daughter Sarah (40), who was a dressmaker. Patience is hard to find in that census.

Her daughters Patience and Sarah never married. Patience Tims remained in the family home, 2 Observatory Street, and died there on 2 April 1908 at the aged 81: her effects came to £60 6s. 6d., and her sister Sarah was her executor. Sarah Tims died in Oxford at the age of 90 near the end of 1931.



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