Charles TAPLIN (1786–1864)
His wife Mrs Sarah TAPLIN (c.1791–1863)
Their daughter Miss Mary TAPLIN (1811–1875)
St Giles section: Row 16, Grave B31

Charles Taplin



[Triangular end, shown below]: ALSO / OF / MARY TAPLIN / THEIR DAUGHTER / DIED AUGUST 12, 1875

Charles Taplin was born in Woodstock in 1786, the son of Thomas & Mary Taplin, and was baptised there on 23 June. He was a hairdresser all his working life, and was sometimes also described as a perfumer and glover.

Sarah Hoare was born in Burford in 1790/1.

On 10 May 1809 at Bladon, Charles Taplin married Sarah Hoare: both were described as living in New Woodstock. They had the following children:

  • Mary Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1811 and baptised there on 26 December)
  • William Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1815 and baptised there on 22 September)
  • Thomas Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1817 and baptised there on 24 December)
  • Harriet Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1820 and baptised there on 26 April)
  • Charles Taplin junior (born in Woodstock in 1822 and baptised there on 21 June)
  • James Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1824 and baptised there on 11 February)
  • Philip Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1826 and baptised there on 22 February)
  • John Ashley Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1828 and baptised there on 14 March)
  • Charlotte Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1830 and baptised there on 12 March);
    died aged 7 or 8 and buried there on 18 May 1837)
  • Elizabeth Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1831/2 and baptised there on 25 January)
  • Mary Ann Taplin (born in Woodstock in 1833/4 and baptised there on 6 January).

At the time of the 1841 census Charles Taplin (55), described as a hairdresser, was living at Oxford Street in Woodstock with his wife Sarah (49) and three of their children Philip (15), Elizabeth (9), and Mary Ann (7). His five older children appear to have already left home. A number of Charles Taplin’s children came to work in Oxford around this time (see their brief biographies below), but Charles himself remained in Woodstock.

At the time of the 1851 census Charles (62) was still working as a hairdresser and living in Woodstock with his wife Sarah (61) and two of their children: [John] Ashley (22), who was a printer & compositor, and [Mary] Ann (17), who was a dressmaker.

Charles & Sarah Taplin are hard to find in the 1861 census. They appear to have moved from Woodstock to Osney in Oxford in their old age, possibly to live with one of their children.

Mrs Taplin died in Osney in 1863:

† Mrs Sarah Taplin died in Osney at the age of 72 on 30 October 1863 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 6 November (burial recorded in the parish register of St Giles’s Church).

Her death notice in Jackson’s Oxford Journal read: “Oct. 30, at Osney Town, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. Charles Taplin, late of Woodstock, in the 73rd year of her age.” It is not clear why she was buried in the St Giles’s section of St Sepulchre’s Cemetery, unless her son Charles had reserved a space for her there when he was living in that parish.

Her husband died at Osney seven months later:

† Charles Taplin died at Osney at the age of 78 (although recorded as 76) on 23 June 1864 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 27 June (burial recorded in the parish register of St Giles’s Church).

Their daughter Mary Taplin (born 1811) never married. She went to live with her brother Charles at 3 Richmond Road (then 3 Worcester Terrace), Oxford, probably following the death of his second wife in 1867. She can be seen there in the 1871 census.

Taplin triangle


Mary died at 23 Walton Street in 1875:

† Mary Taplin died at 23 Walton Street at the age of 64 on 12 August 1875 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 16 August (burial recorded in the parish register of St Giles’s Church).

Her probate record describes her as being formerly of 3 Richmnd Road (then 3 Worcester Terrace) but late of 23 Walton Street. Her effects came to under £1,000, and her brothers Charles Taplin (college servant of 23 Walton Street) and Philip Taplin (Master of Fareham Workhouse) were her executors.

Other surviving children of Charles & Sarah Taplin
  • William Taplin (born 1815) was working as a perfumer in St Clement’s, Oxford when on 27 April 1846 he married Elizabeth White, daughter of the cordwainer William White, at Headington. William was described as a hairdresser and shaver in Gardner’s Oxfordshire Directory for 1852. At the time of the 1861 census he was aged 45 in 1861 and living at 6 St Clement’s Street with his wife Elizabeth and their servant Harriet Taplin (39), who was born in Woodstock and was probably William’s sister. William died from a gunshot wound in his sitting room at 6 St Clement’s Street at the age of 50 on 27 November 1864. As it was possible he fell while holding the loaded gun, an open verdict was returned. The inquest report in Jackson’s Oxford Journal on 3 December 1864 stated that he had formerly been a hairdresser but latterly kept a basket warehouse, and his wife said, “I never considered him out of his mind, although some people thought so.” He was buried at St Clement’s churchyard on 30 November 1864. His effects came to under £100, and his executors were his widow Elizabeth and his brother John Ashley Taplin (a printer in Banbury) and his sister Mrs Mary Ann March.
  • Thomas Taplin (born 1817) disappears from the records and may have died in childhood.
  • Harriet Taplin (born 1820) was aged 28 in 1851 and working as a house servant to the Rector of Hampton Poyle; and in 1861 she was the servant of her brother William and his family at 6 St Clement’s Street, Oxford. She never married, and died in the Headington district at the age of 66 in 1886.
  • James Taplin (born 1824) is hard to identify in the censuses, but may be the 15-year-old boy of that name who was a servant of the solicitor John Walsh in New Inn Hall Street, Oxford in 1851.
  • Charles Taplin junior (born 1822) continued to work as a college servant: for more about his life, see the grave of his first wife, Mary. He had one surviving daughter, Mary Taplin, by his second wife, and died in 1892.
  • Philip Taplin (born 1826) was a 30-year-old schoolmaster at Leafield when he married Rose Roberts, the daughter of the late Mr H. Roberts, solicitor of Oxford, at St Michael & All Angels Church in Summertown on 31 December 1857 (with the announcement in Jackson’s Oxford Journal erroneously stating that the marriage took place in St Giles’s Church). They became the Master and Mistress of the Fareham Union Workhouse in Hampshire, and their only child, Philip Henry Taplin, died of whooping cough there on 27 October 1881. They had retired to Painswick Cottage in Summertown by the time of the 1891 census.
  • John Ashley Taplin (born 1828) married Sarah Butler Prescott in the Banbury district in 1856. In 1861 he was a master printer, living at 36 Parsons Street, Banbury with his wife Sarah and their children Mazzini Charles Taplin (4), Mary Taplin (3), and John Taplin (1). In 1871 they were at 22 Parsons Street with Mazzini (14), who was a printer’s boy on a visit home, and Mary (13), John (11), Sarah Ann (10), Philip (8), Ashley (7), William (5), Henry (4), George (3), and Rose (four months), plus a general servant. In 1881 John (54) was a printer & furniture dealer living at 29 Horse Fair, Banbury, with his wife and eight of his children; he was still at that address in 1891 and 1901. John Ashley Taplin died on 23 October 1905. His effects came to £2,476 3s. 4d.
  • Elizabeth Taplin (born 1831/2), described as a gloveress of Woodstock, married William Hunt, a baker of Botley, at St Paul’s Church on 4 November 1858, with her brother Charles as a witness, and an announcement of the wedding was placed in Jackson’s Oxford Journal. They had five children baptised at North Hinksey Church: Sarah Elizabeth (1859), Charles (1861), Anne (1864), William (1866), and Edith (1870). At the time of the 1861 census Elizabeth (28) and William (31) were living at Botley Mill with William’s father, John Hunt, the miller there. She died at Botley at the age of 42 and was buried at North Hinksey Church on 18 August 1874.
  • Mary Ann Taplin (born 1834) married Mark Manchester Marsh in London (in the St George, Hanover Square district) near the beginning of 1861. They do not appear to have had any children. Mary Ann was aged 35 in 1871 and living in St Ebbe’s Street with her husband Mark, who was a grocer. The Marshes were in Kensington in 1881, but back in Oxford in 1891, running a grocer’s shop at 21 Magdalen Road. Her husband died there on 7 March 1909, and his effects came to £56 10s. Mrs Mary Ann Marsh (76) was still living at 21 Magdalen Road in 1911, and another widow was living with her. She died near the beginning of 1913.



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