Mrs Mary MARTIN, née Martin (1792–1862)
Her daughter Mrs Maria Sarah MARTIN, née Martin (1812–1864)
St Paul section: Row 22, Grave E22½ [St Paul ref F19]

Mary Martin



AUGUST 31, 1862


DIED NOV. 16, 1864




M. M.

M. S. M.



Mary Martin (born 1792)

Mary Martin was born in Sandford-on-Thames in 1792 and baptised there on 11 November. She was the daughter of John Martin of Sandford and Mrs Mary Howes, who were married at Bletchingdon on 19 February 1787. Her four siblings were also baptised at Sandford: Ann (1788), Elizabeth (1789), Thomas Bayley (1791), and John (1794).

Mary Martin was still living at Sandford when on 14 March 1810 she married another John Martin, a corn dealer of Littlemore, at St Mary the Virgin Church in Oxford (which was then the parish church of Littlemore). They had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Mary Martin (born in Sandford-on-Thames in 1810 and privately baptised there on 7 May)
  • Marian or Mary Ann Martin (born in Sandford-on-Thames in 1811 and baptised there)
  • Maria Sarah Martin (born at Rose Hill in 1812 and baptised at Sandford-on-Thames).

By the time of the 1841 census Mrs Mary Martin (48) was a widow of independent means, living at Oxford Road, Sandford-on-Thames with her second daughter Mary Ann (28) and Mary Ann’s illegitimate son John Martin (3). Mary Ann went on to have two more illegitimate children, Eliza and Emma Martin, and after her marriage to George Gadfield in 1849 left all three of them with her mother to bring up.

In 1851 Mrs Mary Martin (58) was still living at Sandford-on-Thames with her grandchildren: John (13), Eliza (9), and Emma (7).

By 1861 she had moved to Oxford and was living at 3 Dodson’s Court in Adelaide Street. All three grandchildren were still with her: John (23) was a servant, and Eliza (18) and Emma (17) were shirtmakers.

Mrs Mary Martin died in 1862:

† Mrs Mary Martin née Martin died at Adelaide Street at the age of 69 on 31 August 1862 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 4 September (burial recorded in the parish register of St Paul’s Church).

Her youngest daughter Maria Sarah Martin (born 1812)

On 15 October 1838 at St Helen’s Church in Abingdon, Mary Martin’s youngest daughter Maria Sarah Martin married the tailor Charles Martin, who was born at Littlemore in 1814 and was the son of the farmer/butcher Thomas Martin and his wife Mary. They were both living in Broad Street, Abingdon at the time of their marriage. They moved to Iffley, where they had following children:

  • Caroline Maria Martin (born in Iffley in 1841 and baptised there on 8 February; received into church on 13 March)
  • Julia Martin (born in Iffley in 1842 and baptised there on 24 July; died aged 4 and buried there on 7 January1847)
  • Richard Martin (born in Iffley in 1845 and baptised there on 16 March)
  • Charles Martin (born in Iffley in 1847 and baptised there on 14 March)
  • George Martin (born in Iffley in 1849 and baptised there on 2 December; died aged sixteen months and buried there on 4 March 1851)
  • Mary Ann Martin (born in Iffley in 1851 and baptised there on 22 June; died aged 2½ and buried there on 2 November 1853)
  • Thomas Martin (born in Iffley in 1855 and baptised there on 17 June).

At the time of the 1841 census Mary Martin and her husband Charles, who was still working as a tailor, were living in Iffley with their first baby daughter Caroline.

In 1851 Mary (38) and Charles (35) were at home in Iffley with their three surviving children Caroline (10), Richard (6), and Charles (4).

They were still in Iffley in 1861 with Caroline (20), Charles (14), and Thomas (6). Their other son Richard (16) was an apprentice shoemaker in Littlemore.

Maria must have moved to Adelaide Street in Oxford soon after the census, possibly into the house of her mother who had died in 1862. Maria died in 1864, just two years after her mother:

† Mrs Maria Sarah Martin née Martin died at Adelaide Street at the age of 52 on 16 November 1864 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 18 November (burial recorded in the parish register of St Paul’s Church).

In 1871 Maria’s husband Charles (56) was back in Iffley with his youngest son Thomas (15), who was a gentleman’s servant.

Two of Maria and Charles’s children were married in the 1870s:

  • On 19 September 1872 at Ss Philip & James’s Church, Oxford, Caroline Maria Martin, who was living at Plantation Road, married the widower William Cox, a gardener of Kingston Road;
  • On 25 November 1878 at Ss Philip & James’s Church, Oxford, Richard Martin, a shoemaker who was living at Kingston Road, married Clara Johnson of Kingston Road, the daughter of the labourer David Johnson.

In 1881 Maria’s husband Charles Martin was living alone in Iffley. He died there in 1898 and was buried there on 30 December.



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