Mrs Mary Harriott LLOYD, née Stapleton (1787–1857)
Her eldest daughter Miss Catherine Eliza LLOYD (1824–1898)
St Mary Magdalen section: Row 9, Grave D68

Mary Lloyd



To the
beloved memory of
Mary Harriott Lloyd
Widow of
Charles Lord Bishop
of Oxford

who [died on]
December …

[It is no longer possible to read the rest of the inscription because it has been obscured by the footstone, but according to Canon Bostock’s list, the other person recorded on the gravestone as being buried here is Mrs Lloyd’s daughter,
Miss Catherine Eliza Lloyd,
who died aged 74
on 13 March 1898



The footstone remembers
Charles Lloyd, Bishop of Oxford,
who died on 31 May 1829,
(even though he is not buried here)
and his wife Mary (above),
who died on 21 December 1857:

C. Ll.
May xxxi

M. H. Ll.
Dec. xxi

[There is no mention on the footstone of their daughter Catherine,
who is buried here]



Mary Harriott Stapleton was born on 26 May 1787 at County Cavan, Northern Ireland. She was the only child of Colonel John De Lacy Stapleton of Thorpe Lea, Egham, Surrey, and Catherine Beale, who were married in Surrey on 10 July 1782.

On 15 August 1822 at Thorpe, Surrey, Mary Harriott Stapleton married Charles Lloyd, who the previous February had been appointed Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, and they had the following children:

  • Charles Lloyd junior (born at Christ Church, Oxford on 13 June 1823 and baptised there on 14 August)
  • Catherine Eliza Lloyd (born at Christ Church, Oxford on 7 July 1824 and baptised at Ewelme on 4 September)
  • Marianne Lloyd (born at Ewelme on 24 August 1825 and baptised there on 14 October)
  • Isabel Lloyd (born at Christ Church, Oxford in 1826 and baptised at Christ Church Cathedral on 12 December)
  • Eliza or Elizabeth Lloyd (born at the Bishop's Palace at Cuddesdon on 1 May 1828 and baptised at the church there on 14 August).

As Regius Professor of Divinity, Charles Lloyd was also automatically a Canon of Christ Church and Rector of Ewelme, which explains the places of baptism of their first four children.

On 4 March 1827 Lloyd, while retaining his professorship, was consecrated Bishop of Oxford: hence their youngest child was born at the Bishop’s Palace at Cuddesdon. He only served as Bishop of Oxford for two years: he died of pneumonia on 31 May 1829 in a house in Whitehall Place, London that he had rented for the summer season. He was buried in London at Lincoln’s Inn Chapel. His will was proved at the Prerogative Court at Canterbury, and he left everything to his wife Mary Harriott Lloyd.

53 Broad Street

Mary was left with five children under the age of six. She moved to Broad Street, Oxford straight after his death, and is listed there in the Gentry list in Pigot’s Directory for 1830. The house number is later given as 53 Broad Street (right) in St Mary Magdalen parish, and she remained there until her death.

On 21 April 1841 Mrs Lloyd’s only son Charles Lloyd junior was matriculated at the University of Oxford from Christ Church at the age of 17. At the time of the census on the night of 6 June 1841, Mrs Lloyd was living in Broad Street with her four daughters and three servants.

Mrs Lloyd’s third daughter was married in 1847:

  • On 10 August 1847 at St Mary Magdalen Church, Oxford, Isabel Lloyd (20) married the Revd Thomas Sanctuary of Northamptonshire, and her sisters Catherine, Marianne, and Elizabeth were among the nine witnesses.

William Tuckwell in his Reminiscences of Oxford recounts that Isabel’s mother frowned on her attachment to Sanctuary, then an undergraduate of Exeter College; and so whenever her mother went out, Isabel hung a canary outside the drawing-room window so that he knew it was safe to come across.

At the time of the 1851 census Mrs Lloyd (62) was at home at 53 Broad Street with her youngest daughter Eliza (22) and her four servants (a housekeeper, cook, housemaid, and footman). Her other two unmarried daughters were away on visits: Catherine (26) and Marianne (25) were staying at Devonshire Square in London with their cousin John Russell (64), the Rector of Bishopsgate, and his wife Mary (58); and her son Charles, described as a Tutor of Christ Church, was teaching at Westminster School in London and lodging in one of their boarding houses.

Two more of Mrs Lloyd’s daughters were married in the 1850s:

  • On 3 June 1851 at St Mary Magdalen Church, Oxford, Marianne Lloyd married the Revd Campbell Wodehouse of Norfolk, who was the son of Edmond Wodehouse, Esq.
  • On 15 August 1854 at St Mary Magdalen Church, Oxford, Eliza Lloyd married Henry Fortescue Seymour, the Vicar of Barking, Essex, who was born at Marksbury Rectory, Somerset in c.1826, the son of George Turner Seymour.

Mrs Lloyd died in 1857:

† Mrs Mary Harriott Lloyd née Stapleton died at 53 Broad Street at the age of 70 on 21 December 1857 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 26 December (burial recorded in the parish register of St Mary Magdalen Church).

Her death was announced briefly in Jackson’s Oxford Journal. Her effects came to under £7,000, and her son Charles was her executor.

53 Holywell Street

By 1860 her daughter Miss Catherine Eliza Lloyd had moved into 63 Holywell Street (the right-hand house of the pair of houses shown right) as a sub-tenant of Merton College. She can be seen here in the 1861 census: aged 30, she was described as a fundholder, and had two servants.

In 1861 her brother Charles Lloyd (37), an unmarried clergyman without cure of souls, was staying on his own at Beaminster in Dorset. He died at Marychurch in Devon on 27 April 1862. His effects came to under £4,000, and his executor was his sister Mrs Isabel Sanctuary.

At the time of the 1871 census Catherine (46) was still living at 63 Holywell Street, and her widowed sister Mrs Marianne Wodehouse (45) had come to live with her temporarily. She continued to have two servants (a cook and housemaid).

Between 1875 and 1877 Catherine would have seen her neighbours' houses to the east of her at Nos. 70 to 74 inclusive being demolished and replaced by the Scott Buildings of New College.

96 Holywell Street

In about 1877 Catherine moved further east in Holywell Street to No. 96 (right), which then still had a row of nine attractive homes immediately to the west. At the time of the 1881 census she was aged 56 and living alone here with a cook and a housemaid.

In 1885 the houses at Nos. 87, 88, and 89 Holywell Street were demolished to make way for the development to the east of the Holywell entrance of New College known as “Pandy” (short for “Pandemonium”). Then in 1887 the development came right up to Miss Lloyd’s house when the six small cottages from 90 Holywell Street running eastwards right up to and including Miss Lloyd’s next-door neighbour at No. 95 were demolished to make way for the present New College tutor’s house.

The house between the tutor’s house and Pandy, No. 89, was finally demolished to make a staircase linking the two.

Miss Lloyd was furious with the development of New College, and under a picture she had painted she wrote, “6 old houses demolished by greedy New College to make way for a useless married Tutor’s house!” (Her manuscript book of Oxford Sketches, including this one, are in the Bodleian Library: see “Outrage in Holywell Street”.)

At the time of the 1891 census Miss Lloyd (66) was still living at 96 Holywell Street with two servants. She died in 1898:

† Miss Catherine Eliza Lloyd died at 96 Holywell Street, Oxford at the age of 74 on 13 March 1898 and was buried with her mother at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 18 March (burial recorded in the parish register of St Mary Magdalen Church).

Her effects came to £17,252 14s. 3d.

Surviving children of Mrs Mary Harriott Lloyd and her husband Charles
  • Marianne Lloyd, Mrs Campbell Wodehouse (born 1825) was aged 35 at the time of the 1861 census and was described as a clergyman’s wife and living in Norwich with her aunt by marriage, Miss Elizabeth Wodehouse (75). Her husband the Revd Campbell Wodehouse was an Assistant Chaplain to the Forces of the Honourable East India Company. He died in Norwich on 8 March 1868, and his effects came to under £5,000. Marianne was staying with her sister Catherine in Oxford in 1871. In 1881 when she was 65 she was living alone at 5 Wyndham Place, Bryanston Square, London with two servants. She died there on 13 February 1903. Her effects came to £27,551 1s., and her executor was the Rt Hon. Edmund Robert Wodehouse, member of H.M. Privy Council.
  • Isabel Lloyd, Mrs Thomas Sanctuary (born in Oxford 1826) was aged 34 in 1861 and living at Townsend Road, Powerstock, Dorset with her husband Thomas (38), who was the Vicar of Powerstock and Rural Dean, and their three sons Thomas Sanctuary (9), Charles Lloyd Sanctuary (6), and Campbell Fortescue Stapleton Sanctuary (2), plus three servants (a cook, housemaid, and nurse). Isabel and Thomas were still there in 1881 but without their sons, and Thomas was now an Archdeacon as well as Vicar, and also stated that he was the owner & occupier of 750 acres employing 50 men, four women, and four boys. The Venerable Thomas Sanctuary died at Powerstock on 27 May 1889, and his effects came to £1,637 15s. In 1901 Isabel was a widow aged 74 living at Marriott House, Powerstock, Dorset with her granddaughter Zoe Lloyd Sanctuary (21), and another granddaughter Zarifa Sanctuary (15) was paying a visit. Isabel died at Powerstock at the age of 79 on 1 January 1906, and her effects came to £5,748 9s. 11d.
  • Eliza or Elizabeth Lloyd, Mrs Seymour (born 1828) was living at the Vicarage, Rippleside Road, Barking in 1861 with her husband Henry Fortescue Seymour, Vicar of Barking, and their daughters Isabel (4) and May (ten months). In 1871 Eliza (42, but recorded as 38) was living at Nettlecombe in Somerset with Henry (42), who was now Rector there, and their two daughters: six servants lived with them (a nurse, parlourmaid, cook, housemaid, coachman, and governess). They were at the same address in 1881 with their two daughters and five servants, and in 1891, when their daughter Isabel's husband, the Revd Gilbert Weigall, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Lambeth, was staying with them. Eliza's husband died at Nettlecombe on 19 June 1900. His effects came to £18,002 7s. 6d., and Eliza and married daughter Isabel Weigall were his executors. In 1911 Eliza (82) was living alone with three servants at 10 Camden Crescent, Walcot, Bath. She died at that address at the age of 84 on 2 March 1913. Her effects came to £7,564 0s. 3d., and her executors were Ernest Matravers Wright, Esq. and the Revd Archibald Ormston Hayes.



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