Biographies of people with Oxford University Press connections

Oxford University Press
Printers to the University

All three lived in either North or South House on the Oxford University Press site

  • Thomas COMBE (1796–1872), Printer to the University and patron of the arts. About 300 men and boys engaged at the University Press led his funeral procession
  • Edward Pickard HALL (1808–1886), Printer to the Clarendon Press
  • James WRIGHT (1788–1875), Printer to the University
Workers at the Press (some of the printers living in Jericho are assumed to be OUP workers)
Delegates of the Press

There are also many relations of people buried in St Sepulchre’s Cemetery who have connections to the Press, for example the husband of Mrs Howkins, who was the inkmaker at the ink factory at 35 Juxon Street; the daughter of Richard Breathwitt, who was a bookfolder at the Press; and the father of Thomas Wheeler, who was a machinist at the Press.

John Cox: detail from graveThe above inscription on the grave of John Cox indicates the pride that ordinary workers felt in the Press.
Compare the graves of Thomas Combe, Edward Pickard Hall, and James Wright, which do not mention it.

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