Graves with inscriptions not previously recorded, or with surnames mistranscribed

When Canon Peter Bostock recorded the graves in St Sepulchre’s Cemetery, Oxford, he listed as illegible or as having no inscription a number of graves which in fact could be identified by digging or washing (and sometimes thanks to the additional help of the relevant parish register transcript, which he did not have).

Lizzie Kay

He also mistranscribed the principal surnames on some graves, sometimes taking them drastically out of alphabetical order and thus easy to overlook in the non-searchable index.


Right: Funeral card of Mrs Lizzie Kay, née Bowell, who was born at 8 Cranham Terrace in 1878 and died at 9 Cardigan Street of pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 27 on 18 June 1906. Although her grave has not yet been found, this card proves that she was interred in St Sepulchre’s Cemetery, and the register of St Paul’s Church states that she was buried on 21 June.

Graves recorded by Bostock as illegible or without inscription (or only by initials);
or overlooked names below the soil level or on the backs of headstones

There are still many more gravestones such as these which can probably be deciphered, and this list will grow.

William Dukinfield ASTLEY (1826/7–1848), undergraduate at Jesus College

Sidney Vallis BECKLEY, cabinet maker of Jericho (1890–1933)

Miss Jessie BELL (c.1831–1869) and Mrs Susanna WILCHER, née Hales (c.1811–1891)

Walter George BENNETT (1848/9–1893), dyer, later clerk; his wife Mrs Penelope BENNETT, née Parker (1848–1927); and their son Alec William BENNETT (1879–1903)

John BLEAY (1824–1855), printer; his wife Mrs Rachel BLEAY, née Meadows (c.1823–1901);
and his sister-in-law Miss Jane MEADOWS (c.1834–1916)

Alfred Denny BLOTT (1817–1868), Station master of the Rewley Road station and later Deputy Treasurer of Christ Church

William BOSSOM (1804–1880), boatbuilder and publican; his daughter Mrs Elizabeth CRAPPER, née Bossom (1848–1912); his son-in-law Henry John CRAPPER (1843–1909); and his baby granddaughter Edith Isabel CRAPPER (born and died 1880)

George BOWERS (1824–1904), prison warder, then college servant; his wife Mrs Jane BOWERS, née Taylor (1833–1916); and their daughter Annie Beatrice BOWERS (1873–1884)

Thomas Henry BRIDGES (1836–1849), son of the President of Corpus Christi College

Ellen Leonora BRINDLEY (1869–1881) omitted from Brindley grave transcripton

Walter BRUCE (1839–1899), a whitesmith, and his first wife Mrs Lydia Elizabeth BRUCE, née Smith (1838–1875)

Charles Montagu BURROWS (1853–1854), the infant son of Professor Montagu Burrows,
and the family’s servant Miss Ellen STREEK (c.1826–1902)

Thomas CARTER (c.1798–1863), compositor; his wife Mrs Eliza CARTER (c.1808–1898);
their son Edwin CARTER (1835–1872); and their daughters Miss Elisabeth CARTER (1844–1922),
Miss Mary Ann CARTER (1848–1903), and Miss Caroline CARTER (1851–1912)

Arthur CASEMORE (1845–1916), shoemaker; his wife Mrs Martha CASEMORE, née Jenner (1834–1904);
and their son Arthur Richard CASEMORE (1871/2–1896)

Miss Sophia CORBETT (1829–1882), a servant

Mrs Sophia DARLING née Lawrence, widowed dressmaker (c.1791–1866)

Joseph DUBBER (1831/2–1890), college servant; his wife Mrs Anne DUBBER, née Norton (1826/7–1906); their infant children Frank DUBBER (1860–1862) and Alice DUBBER (b. & d. 1862); and their son Harry DUBBER (1866–1903)

Mrs Harriett DUNBAR née Bannister (c.1812–1868), a gardener’s wife

Mrs Rose May FACER (c.1893–1936)

Joseph John FAULKNER (c.1780–1859), former servant, and his wife Mrs Maria FAULKNER, née Bolter (c.1804–1879)

William FLETCHER (1831–1872), brewer, and his wife Sarah Grace FLETCHER, née Hadley (1826–1871)

Mrs Maria FORD, née Geyton (1820–1901)
and her daughter Miss Emma Maria FORD, pupil teacher at St Paul’s School (1844–1860)

John Charles Richard FREEBORN (1853–1934), Broad Street doctor, and his wife Mrs Emily Sarah FREEBORN, née Lawton (1837–1929)

Mrs Jane Taws GEEKIE (c.1825–1877) and her son George GEEKIE (c.1861–1877)

Benjamin Joseph GLAZEBROOK (1858–1879), unattached student who died after drinking prussic acid

Mrs Sarah HARDS (c.1798–1857) and her daughter Miss Mary Ann Jarvis HARDS (1827–1906)

George Thomas Boreman HARRIS, a baker (1840–1887)

John HUGHES (1806–1867), printer at Oxford University Press;
his wife Mrs Ann HUGHES, née Maltby (1814–1872);
and their daughter-in-law Mrs Emma Catherine HUGHES, née Tanner (1850–1876)

Alexander Samuel HURFORD (1820–1886), solicitor;
his wife Mrs Maria HURFORD, née Jacob (c.1830–1858);
and their baby daughter Adeline Maria HURFORD (born and died 1856)

Francis Robert JONES (1874–1896): his name is the first listed on the Jones grave at Row 24, Grave G65

William LEAPINGWELL (1806–1861), surgeon

William LUCY (1837–1873), of the Eagle Ironworks;
his wife Mrs Alice LUCY, née Jennings (1841–1937); and their three infant children: George Reginald LUCY (1863–1864), Alice Maud M. LUCY (1866/7–1870), and Thomas Arnold LUCY (1870–1871)

William Castle LUCY (c.1807–1861), former London fishmonger;
his second wife Mrs Catherine Martha BOSWELL, née Jennings, formerly Mrs Lucy (1813–1868);
and his mother-in-law Mrs Mary JENNINGS (c.1778–1860)

Miss Isabella MAGAREY (c.1780–1857), an Irish lady who formerly ran a small school in London

Miss Emma MAILING (1872–1898), daughter of a Jericho shoemaker

William MANDER (c.1770–1856) and his wife Mrs Sarah MANDER (c.1774–1853)

Edward NEWMAN (1781/2–1862) and his daughter Miss Harriet NEWMAN (1824–1905)

Mrs Martha NUNNEY, née Combes (1780–1850) and Martha BUDD (c.1793–1855)

Frederick OSBORN (1809–1897), printer; his wife Mrs Ann Elizabeth OSBORN, née Shields (1808–1894); and their daughter Mrs Maria HUNT, née Osborn (1836–1860)

Paul PACEY (1809–1877), bookseller & stationer

John PANTING (c.1811–1871), gentleman

John Henry PARKER, C.B. (1806–1884), bookshop owner, publisher, and archaeologist,
and his wife Mrs Frances Mary PARKER, née Hoskyns (1805–1854)

Henry Francis PELHAM (1846–1907), historian and President of Trinity College;
his wife Laura Priscilla PELHAM, née Buxton (1852–1918);
and their children Arthur John PELHAM (1878–1883) and Catherine Harriet PELHAM (1885–1894)

John Whiteman PENSON (1832/3–1867), clerk at the Old Bank

Mrs Sarah ROBERTS, née Savory (1821–1879), grocer's wife

George Augustus ROWELL (1804–1892), meteorologist and paper-hanger,
and his wife Mrs Maria ROWELL née Barrett (1807/8–1864)

Henry SADLER (1830–1871), college servant; his wife Mrs Matilda Elizabeth SADLER née Hinton (1838–1918); and their son Henry John SADLER (1867–1942)

James Robert SIMMS (1831–1877), bootmaker

Ellis SMITH senior (1814–1878), a whitsemith and his wife Mrs Sarah SMITH, née Midwinter (1825–1883) are also buried with their son Ellis Smith junior

Miss Frances Martha Jane SMITH (1860–1912), a dressmaker who opened a draper’s shop in Headington

Henry SMITH (1858–1927), servant/cab-driver; and his wife Mrs Frances Lottie SMITH,
née Whitman 
(1865–1935) (on back of Whitman headstone)

John SMITH (c.1804–1872), retired draper who died during a service in New College chapel,
and his wife Mrs Janet SMITH née Romanis (1817–1886)

Helena Marian STUBBS (1864–1868), Edward Geoffrey Henlock STUBBS (born & died 1867), and Francis STUBBS (born & died 1871), infant children of William Stubbs, Regius Professor of Modern History

Mrs Mary TAPLIN, née Taplin (c.1820–1853), wife of a servant of Worcester College

Mrs Anne STROUD née Bond (1792–1867) and her sister Miss Elizabeth BOND (1786–1871)

William VARNEY (c. 1774–1858); his son Frederick VARNEY (1801–1858), a carver & gilder who became an accountant; and his daughter-in-law Mrs Miriam VARNEY, née Crapper (1800–1876)

James WALDIE (1824–1876); his wife Mrs Ann Hester WALDIE, née Thorp (1824–1880);
their daughter Ellen Isabel WALDIE (1861–1864); and their son Ronald James Thorp WALDIE (1865–1911)

Miss Jane WILKINSON (1790–1869), a servant, and her sister Miss Charlotte WILKINSON (1793–1875)

William WILSON senior (1818–1876), hairdresser, and his son William WILSON junior (1846–1857)

Thomas WINCHESTER (c.1817–1864), a painter, and his brother George WINCHESTER (1823–1863), messenger at the Radcliffe Observatory

Mrs Sarah WITHERS, née Mason (c.1777–1850), an ostler’s wife, and her daughters Miss Sophia WITHERS (1824–1895) and Miss Eliza WITHERS (1828–1850)

John William WOOD (1822–1870), cook & manciple of Balliol College, and his wife Mrs Frances WOOD, née Margetts (1820/1–1867)

Graves with principal name missing, wrongly assumed, or mistranscribed by Bostock

Mrs Rachel ALLDER, née Bateman, a sawyer’s wife (1818–1855)

Samuel Saxon ASHOVER (1857–1870), schoolboy and chorister at St Paul’s

Joseph (“Joe”) ARNETT (1811–1876), a printer at Oxford University Press; his wife Mrs Mary Eglantine ARNETT, née Wagstaff (1818–1904); their daughter Miss EMILY MARTHA ARNETT (1840/1–1921); Mrs Arnett’s mother Mrs Mary WAGSTAFF née Fletcher (c.1797–1854); and Mrs Arnett’s sister Miss Anne WAGSTAFF (1819–1912)

Sébastian Louis BÉCHAUX (1834–1870), Second Assistant at the Radcliffe Observatory

Laura Mary BRAIN (1857–1864), a butcher’s daughter

Richard BREATHWITT (1831–1874), Clerk of Works at Keble College who fell to his death during its construction, and his wife Mrs Eliza BREATHWITT, née SMITH (1830–1880)

John CHARLTON (1817–1861), a tailor; his wife Mrs Eliza CHARLTON, née Bourton (1819–1889); their sons Christopher Samuel CHARLTON (1847–1862) and Jack CHARLTON (1853–1865); and three children who died in infancy: Thomas Charlton (d. 1850), Ann Charlton (d.1852), and Ann Eliza Norgrove Charlton (d.1855)

Mrs Elisabeth Neville COOLIDGE, née Brevoort (1822–1875), wife of a Boston merchant

Miss Caroline CURRALL (1854–1880), servant

Francis Henry DAVENPORT (1846–1915), farmer and later Board of Agriculture Inspector; and his sister Miss Susannah Maria DAVENPORT (1843–1917)

John DAY (1809/10–1868), ropermaker; his wife Mrs Mary Anne DAY (1808/9–1883); and their daughter Miss Mary Anne DAY (1842–1877)

Mrs Louisa FILSELL, née Bates (1825–1892), who ran the Park Nursery, Banbury Road, and her daughters Miss Louisa Jane FILSELL (1861–1877) and Miss Lizzie Annie FILSELL (1862–1939)

William Sheldon GOUNDREY (1827–1871), landlord of the Crown & Thistle in Market Street; his wife Mrs Caroline GOUNDREY, née Golding (1825–1893); and their daughter Elizabeth Sarah (Bessie) GOUNDREY (1854–1901)

Mrs Frances GRACIE née White (1849–1882), wife of a tailor, and her baby sons Eden White GRACIE (born and died 1878) and Alexander GRACIE (born and died 1881)

Miss Joanna Julia GRESWELL (1838–1906), Greek and Hebrew scholar, and her sister Miss Helen Margaret GRESWELL (1840–1913)

Joseph GRIFFIN (1810–1880), college servant; his wife Mrs Martha GRIFFIN, née Wheeler (c.1808–1892); and his sister Miss Sophia GRIFFIN (1799–1868)

Six HALE infants, children of the Jericho baker

Alfred William HALLETT (1842/3–1878), ironmonger's assistant

Mrs Cecilia Jane HARPER, née Frost (1816–1861), wife of a university bedel

William LUCY (1837–1873), eponymous owner of the Eagle Ironworks; his wife Mrs Alice LUCY, née Jennings (1841–1937); and their three infant children: George Reginald LUCY (1863–1864), Alice Maud M. LUCY (1866/7–1870), and Thomas Arnold LUCY (1870–1871)

George MARGETTS (1812–1866) and his wife Mrs Frances MARGETTS, née Miles (1820–1904)

John MOSS (c.1803–1877) and his wife Mrs Ann MOSS, née Clifford, formerly Mrs Adams (c.1824–1880)

James Bowling MOZLEY (1813–1878), theologian and journalist, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, and his wife Mrs Amelia MOZLEY, née Ogle (c.1821–1872)

George MULLINS (1800–1867), Rector of Great Chalfield in Wiltshire; his wife Mrs Susannah MULLINS, née Gardiner (c.1805–1879); and their daughter Miss Elizabeth Susannah MULLINS (1846–1928)

Walton MUNCASTER (1782–1862), pawnbroker

Mrs Ann NOON, née Wells (1797–1865), wife of the builder Thomas Noon

James OWEN (1853–1928), a baker, and his wife Mrs Clara OWEN, née Blissett (1858/9–1905)

David Augustus PEACHEY (c.1835–1888), Editor of the Oxford Chronicle

Robert PIKE (1803–1885), accountant and sometime Mayor of Oxford, and his grandson Frederick Grosvenor PIKE (1864–1871)

John POWELL (1806/7–1890), a retired farmer, and his first wife Mrs Elizabeth POWELL (1815/16–1880)

Mrs Elizabeth QUARTERMAN, née Gadney (1803–1857) and her aunt Mrs Sarah CASTLE (c.1779–1858)

Stephen REAY (1782–1861), orientalist, and his wife Mrs Eleanora REAY, née Hargreave (1790–1861)

Mrs Anne REVILLE, née Whittaker (1800–1893) [and her grandson Richard Jessop junior]

Mrs Mary ROWLES, née Clarke (1834–1875) and her son Francis Henry C. ROWLES (1865/6–1870)

Miss Constance Henrietta SEALY, 14-year-old daughter of a Major-General

Thomas Collins SNOW (1852–1926) and his wife Mrs Edith Mary Nixon SNOW (1859–1933)

Richard James SPIERS (1806–1877) and his wife Mrs Elizabeth Phené SPIERS née Joy (1818–1858)

Charles TAPLIN (1786–1864), hairdresser of Woodstock; his wife Mrs Sarah TAPLIN (c.1791–1863); and their daughter Miss Mary TAPLIN (1811–1875)

Mrs Mary TAPLIN, née Taplin (c.1820–1853), wife of a servant of Worcester College

George TESTER (1819–1872), fishmonger; his wife Mrs Charlotte TESTER, née Carr (1820–1877); and their son Richard Carr TESTER (1852–1877)

Mrs Ada Dawson TURNER, née Rivers (1862–1893) and her daughter Miss Beatrice Louise TURNER (1886/7–1902)

John UBINGER (1880–1917), Bavarian house decorator and musician, and his son Eric Adrian Allington UBINGER (1906–1929)

John WALKLETT (1825–1868), servant of Wadham College, and his wife Mrs Mary WALKLETT, née Bliss (1827–1899)

Guðbrandur VIGFÚSSON (1827–1889), scholar of Icelandic literature, Reader in Icelandic at Oxford

John WIGZELL (1789–1870), retired civil servant, and his wife Mrs Ann WIGZELL, née Calcutt Spiers (1807–1863)

Mrs Helène Henriette WIENHOLT, née Mutzenbecher (1823–1906), daughter of a Hamburg merchant

Various nuns with the following surnames mistranscribed: MOULE, BUCKRIDGE, LUCAS, SPIELSER, FOWLER

Graves not yet located of people known to be buried in the cemetery

All of the people below are definitely buried in St Sepulchre’s Cemetery and have biographies, but their graves have not been located.
Those marked † will almost certainly have had headstones. Those with an asterisk have a short obituary here.

St Paul section

Edwin BENNETT, died 1889*

Thomas COLE (1849–1889), railway guard killed by a train at Wheatley station; his wife
Emma Hall COLE, née Price (1849–1925); and his daughter Frances Winifred COLE (1887–1893)

Thomas DENNIS (1828–1875), militia staff sergeant

Henry DUFFIN, died 1888 (St Barnabas)*

John FOSTER, Sacristan at St Barnabas Church, died 1916 (St Barnabas)*

Crescens HAWTIN, died 1893*

Mrs Eliza HEMMINGS, née Freeman (1858–1894), killed by her husband, James John Thorley Hemmings

Henry & Eliza HOUNSLOW, parents of Mrs Ubinger, near the Lucy's wall

Lizzie KAY, died 1906*

William KETT (1845–1849), four-year-old son of the apothecary Edward Rogers Kett

Arthur Frederick KETTLE, died aged 14 in 1923*

Mrs Charlotte NOON, née White (c.1819–1852), a Jericho mother killed by her husband

Frank NORTON, died 1879*

Frederick ROGERS, died 1868*

Daniel STEVENS, died 1889*

Thomas Brown WHEELER (1868–1889), killed by a train at Bristol

St Giles section

Thomas DOODY (c.1815–1890), an old soldier

Frank JUDGE, died in 1883 aged 16*

Thomas GRIMSLEY (c.1800–1875), sculptor who made the terracotta gravestones in this cemetery; his wife Mrs Rebecca GRIMSLEY, née Stockford (1796–1879); and their grandson Frederick Thomas Henry George GRIMSLEY (1874–1938)

Joseph HODGKINS, Secretary of the Radcliffe Infirmary, died 1886

Arthur James Ferguson WALDEN, 16-year-old Londoner articled to a civil engineer, who drowned in the Thames when paying a visit to Oxford

St Mary Magdalen section

Elizabeth Ann Townsend CAMBRIDGE, died 1894*

Richard COLLINS, parish clerk, died 1889*

George FEAD LAMERT (c.1828–1870), retired army captain and a married Fellow Commoner of Worcester College

Francis William LAMBERT (1868/9–1899), naturalist, from a family of shoemakers

Parish uncertain

Henry COOKE, founder of Oxford Chronicle, died in Oxford reg. district in 1869*

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