Mrs Mary Ann HUGGINS, née Appletree (1808–1882)
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Mary Ann Huggins



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Mary Ann Appletree was born in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire in 1808 and baptised there on 9 February. She was the daughter of Thomas Appletree of Hook Norton who married Rebecca Hopkins at St Peter-in-the-East Church in Oxford on 14 September 1801. Her parents had eight other children baptised at Hook Norton: Nathaniel Appletree (1805), Thomas Appletree (1809), Elizabeth Appletree (1811), Frederick Appletree (1813), Violetta Appletree (1815), Jabez Appletree (1818), Austin Appletree (1819), and Caleb Appletree (1822).

On 1 November 1825 at Hook Norton church, when she was only 17, Mary Anne Appletree married Henry Huggins. a coach builder of St Mary Magdalen parish in Oxford. He was born in Wheatley in 1796 and baptised at Cuddesdon Church on 26 September, and was the son of the tobacco-pipe maker Thomas Huggins and his wife Frances Stockford, who had moved to Oxford by 1802. For more about the family of Mary Ann's husband, see the grave of his brother Benjamin Stockford Huggins, who was a tobacco-pipe maker in Oxford.

Mary Ann settled in Oxford with her husband Henry Huggins, and they had twelve children:

  • Thomas Appletree Huggins (born in Oxford in 1826 and privately baptised by St Giles's Church on 18 August; received into the church on 3 September)
  • Samuel Huggins (born at Friar's Entry, Oxford in 1828 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 8 April)
  • Elizabeth Stockford Huggins (born in “St Thomas' parish (for the present)” in 1831 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 24 August); died at George Street aged 18 and buried on 12 March 1850
  • Jane Appletree Huggins (born at Red Lion Square, Oxford in 1833 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 25 September)
  • Henry Huggins (born in Oxford in 1835 and baptised at St Thomas's Church on 2 December)
  • Benjamin Stockford Huggins (born at George Street, Oxford in 1837 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 25 October)
  • Violetta Huggins (born at George Street, Oxford in 1839 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 26 December)
  • Margaret Huggins (born in Oxford in 1841 and baptised at St Michael's Church on 3 December);
    died aged five and buried on 30 December 1846
  • Emma Huggins (born in Oxford in 1843 and baptised at St Michael's Church on 8 November);
    died in infancy and buried on 4 February 1844
  • Austin William Huggins (born in Oxford in 1846 and baptised at St Michael's Church on 28 January)
  • Walter Jabez Huggins (born in Oxford in 1850 and baptised at St Michael's Church on 5 May);
    died in infancy and buried on 7 January 1851
  • Ellen Fanny Huggins (born in Oxford in 1852 and baptised at St Michael's Church on 12 December)

Mary Ann Huggins began her married life in St Giles's parish, possibly with her husband's parents in Observatory Street, but by 1828 she and Henry had moved to Friar's Entry.

In 1831 they were living temporarily in St Thomas's parish; they were at Red Lion Square in 1833; and they were in St Thomas's parish again when Henry was baptised at the end of 183., By 1837 they had moved to their permanent base in George Street.

At the time of the 1841 census Mary Ann and her husband Henry, who was a coach builder, were listed in the part of George Street that falls in St Michael's parish, which means they were living in one of the first thirteen houses at the south-east end. In Robson's Directory for 1839 Henry Huggins was listed as a coach maker at 9 and 76 George Street, Oxford, so their home was probably at No. 9 (the site of the present 17), and Henry's workshop would have been on the other side of the road, beside the present Debenham's. They were living there with their children Thomas (15), Elizabeth (8), Jane (7), Henry (5), Benjamin (3), and Violetta (1), plus a servant. Their son Samuel (13) was living in Observatory Street with his uncle, Benjamin Huggins.

On 31 July 1841 Henry Huggins took on John Hounslow as an apprentice: this was in addition to his eldest son Thomas, who had followed his father into the business.

At the time of the 1851 census Mary Ann (43) was living at the former 9 George Street in St Michael's parish with her husband Henry (53) who was now a master coach builder, and their sons Thomas (24) and Henry (15), who were also coach builders, and her daughter Violetta (11). They employed a servant, and Mrs Jane Applin (47), who was born in Oxford and described as a gentlewoman (although her husband William was a coachmaker), was paying them a visit with her daughter Emma Applin (7), who was born in Cheltenham. Meanwhile Mary Ann's son Samuel Huggins (23) had moved to Banbury to set up business as a tobacco-pipe manufacturer, and in 1851 was living at Parsons Street there with his younger siblings Jane (18), who doubtless kept house; Benjamin (13), who was also a pipe maker; and Austin (5).

Samuel was married later that year:

  • On 20 September 1851 at Broughton in north Oxfordshire, Samuel Huggins, described as a pipe maker of Banbury, married Ellen Thomas of Banbury, the daughter of the cutler William Thomas.

His older brother Thomas was married in 1852:

  • On 14 April 1852 at Wallingford, Thomas Appletree Huggins, described as a coach builder of Oxford, married Hannah Holiday Neighbour, and their marriage was announced in Jackson's Oxford Journal. Hannah, the youngest daughter of John and Martha Neighbour, was born in Watlington on 7 January 1826 and her birth was recorded at Wallingford Baptist Church. At the time of her marriage her father was described as John Neighbour, Esq., of Headington.

in late 1852 when she was aged 44, Mary Ann gave birth to her last child, Ellen Fanny Huggins.

Mary Ann's husband Henry Huggins died at George Street at the age of 58 on 28 September 1855, and his death notice in Jackson's Oxford Journal read: “Sept. 28, Mr. Henry Huggins, coach-builder of this city, aged 58, leaving a widow and 8 children to lament the loss of an affectionate husband and father.” His burial on 2 October 1855 is recorded in the St Michael parish register, and he is probably buried in that church's section of St Sepulchre's Cemetery.

Their daughter Jane Appletree Huggins died a year later in 1856 at the age of 23 in St Mary Magdalen parish and was buried on 26 September, probably in the St Michael section of the cemetery with her father, as again her death is recorded in their register.

At the time of the 1861 census Mary Ann (53) was living at Rectory Road (then called Pembroke Street) in east Oxford with her sons Benjamin (23) and Austin (15), who were butchers, and her youngest daughter Ellen (8), who was still at school. Violetta (21) was a ladies' maid to the Earle family at West Leigh House in Havant, Hampshire. Their son Henry is hard to find in this and all future censuses, and it seems likely that he was dead.

Her son Benjamin was married later in 1861:

  • In the fourth quarter of 1861 in Oxford, Benjamin Stockford Huggins married Betsey Flight (born in Thame in 1832).

Mary Ann's son Austin was admitted free on 31 July 1868, and his older brother Benjamin on 26 August 1870.

Her daughter Violetta was married in 1864:

  • In the second quarter of 1864 in the Hartley Wintney area of Hampshire (probably at Odiham), Violetta Huggins married James Cook (born in Odiham, Hampshire in1838/9).

By 1871 Mary Ann (53) was working as a monthly nurse in the home of the architect Frederick Codd and his family, at the south end of the Banbury Road. Her youngest children Austin (25) and Ellen (18) are hard to find in that census.

Her son Austin was married in 1879:

  • On 31 December 1879 at St Giles's Church, Oxford, Austin William Huggins of George Street, curiously described as a “service server”, married the widow Mrs Mary Ann Clarke of 47 Wellington Square, the daughter of Royal Naval Captain George Dallas Barclay.

At the time of the 1881 census Mary Ann (73), who stated that she had a share of a coach-making business, was lodging at 3 Gloucester Green with the Couling family. She died there the following year:

† Mrs Mary Ann Huggins née Appletree died at Gloucester Green at the age of 74 on 24 February 1882 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 28 February (burial recorded in the parish register of St Mary Magdalen Church).

Her death notice in Jackson's Oxford Journal read: “Feb. 24, Mary Ann, widow of Mr. Henry Huggins, coach builder, of this city, aged 75.”

Her youngest daughter Emily, who appears to have gone to London to work, was married in 1883:

  • In the first quarter of 1883 at St George's Church, Hanover Square, Ellen Fanny Huggins married the widower Samuel James Sly (born in London in 1848, the son of the builder Samuel Sly).

Surviving children of Mary Anne Huggins and her husband Henry
  • Thomas Appletree Huggins (born 1826) and his wife Hannah had four children, but only one survived, namely Frank Edgar Montague Huggins, who was born in c.1857. At the time of the 1861 census Thomas was a coach builder, living at 1 Richmond Road (then 1 Worcester Terrace) in the Jericho area of Oxford with his wife Hannah and their son Frank (3), plus a housemaid. In 1871 Thomas (44), who now employed two men in his coach-building business, was living at 18 Beaumont Buildings with his wife Hannah (42) and their son Frank (13). Thomas's wife Hannah died in 1886, and in 1891 he was lodging at 38 Gloucester Green. By 1911 when he was 84 he was the head of the household there and had his own lodger. He died in Oxford at 38 Gloucester Green at the age of 86, and his burial on 27 November 1912 is recorded in the St Giles's parish register, which means he may have been buried here in his mother's grave.
  • Samuel Huggins (born 1828) was working as a baker and living at 19 Bridge Street, Banbury in 1861 with his wife Ellen and their son Henry William Huggins (one month). In 1871 Samuel (42) and Ellen (39) were at Bridge Street with their children Mary Jane Huggins (9), Frederick Walter Huggins (6), and Amy Huggins (1), plus one servant. In 1881 Samuel (52) was at Bridge Street with Ellen (49), and their son Henry (20) was now an assistant in the business, and Frederick (16) was a lawyer's clerk. Samuel's wife Ellen died aged 58 and was buried in Banbury churchyard on 3 June 1890. In 1891 Samuel (61) was living at 66 Calthorpe Road, Banbury with his son Frederick (27), who was still a clerk, and his wife's niece acted as their housekeeper. By 1901 Samuel was retired and living in Wroxton in the home of his son Henry and his wife and children. Samuel Huggins died at Balscott at the age of 75 and was buried with his wife on 5 December 1904.
  • Benjamin Stockford Huggins (born 1837) was a butcher living at 4 Cowley Road in east Oxford in 1871 with his wife Betsey and their children Benjamin Edward Stockford Huggins, Frederick Appletree Huggins, and Ernest Walter Huggins, plus a 15-year-old butcher's servant. In 1881 Benjamin (43), a butcher now employing two men, was living at 2 Little Clarendon Street with his wife Betsey (49) and his sons Benjamin (18) and Ernest (16), who were butcher's assistants, and his youngest son Frank Huggins (6). By 1901 Benjamin (63) and Betsey (69) were living at 55 Woodstock Road with their son Frank (26), who was an assistant butcher, plus a general servant. Betsey died later that year at the age of 69 and her funeral was at St Giles's Church on 12 August 1901. At the time of the 1911 census Benjamin (73) was living at 55 Woodstock Road with his granddaughter Gladys Lilian Huggins and a servant girl. Benjamin died there at the age of 78 on 13 July 1915 and his funeral was at St Giles's Church on 16 July. His effects came to just £5, and his sons Frederick and Frank were his executors.
  • Violetta Huggins (born 1839) was living at 28 Hale Street, Finsbury, London in 1871 with her children Harry Cook (5) who was born at St Pancras, and Lucy Cook (3), Charles Cook (1), and Georgina Cook (eight months), who were all born at Finsbury; her husband James Cook was a barrister's clerk on circuit, lodging in Liverpool. In 1881 Violetta's husband James (42) was an unemployed barrister's clerk, and he was left at home in Belmont Road, Twickenham looking after Lucy (13), Charles (11), Georgina (10), Kate (8), and Francis (4) while Violetta (41) was working as a housekeeper at 1 The Poplars, Twickenham. In 1891 Violetta (51) and her husband James (52), who was now a postmaster, were together at Rowan Cottage, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham with their children Georgina (20), who was a dressmaker, Kate (18), who was a postmaster's clerk, and Francis (14). In 1901 Violetta and her husband were living at Lancaster Villa, Twickenham with Georgina and Frances. She may be the Violetta Cook who died in the Brentford district near the beginning of 1931 at the age of 91.
  • Austin William Huggins (born 1846) was an agent & debt collector in 1881, living at 47 Wellington Square, Oxford with his wife Mary Ann and her two children from her first marriage, Bertie and Charlie Clarke. His first wife Mary Ann Huggins died at 34 Hurst Street in east Oxford at the age of 48 on 7 September 1875, and an announcement appeared in Jackson's Oxford Journal. In 1887 in Oxford, Austin William Huggins married his second wife Ada Jane Templer Irving, who was born in Norwich in 1855, and they had four children, but only one survived: Helen or Ellen Mary Huggins, who was born at 13 Museum Terrace (now 25 Museum Road) and baptised at St Giles's Church on 30 June 1891. In 1901 Austin (52), described as a rent collector & certificated bailiff, and Ada (42) and their daughter Helen (9) can be seen living at 31 Museum Road. In 1911 Austin was still living at 31 Museum Road with Ada and their daughter Helen (18), plus two boarders. Ada Jane Huggins died at 173 Walton Street at the age of 62 and was buried on 1 May 1918. Her burial is recorded in the St Giles's parish register, but not that of her husband Austin.
  • Ellen Fanny Huggins, Mrs Sly (born 1852) was living at 7 Commercial Buildings, Lavender Hill in 1891 with her husband Samuel James Sly (42) who was an accountant to a public company as well as a china and glass dealer, and their sons Herbert Francis Sly (6) and Clifford Horton Sly (4), plus a servant. Her husband Samuel died in the Marylebone district at the age of 50 in 1898. In 1911 Ellen (57) was living at 30 Airedaile Road, West Ealing with her son Herbert (26), who was a gas inspector. Ellen Fanny Sly died at Methuen House, 23 Hanger Lane, Ealing at the age of 78 on 21 January 1931. Her effects came to £1,903 0s. 7d., and her executor was Henry James Barry, of no occupation.



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