John GODFREY (1812–1861)
His second wife Mrs Mary Ann GODFREY, née Burley (1818–1867)
Their son William Henry GODFREY (1851–1890)
St Paul section: Row 30, Grave H22½ [St Paul refs. S24, P21, and C27]

John & Mary Ann Godfrey



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John Godfrey was born in Oxford on 24 November 1812 and baptised at St Mary the Virgin Church on 23 December. He was the second son of the upholsterer John Godfrey senior and his wife Elizabeth, who had three other children baptised at that church: Charles Burdett Godfrey (1815, died aged six months), Elizabeth Godfrey (1817, died aged five years), and Ellen Sarah Godfrey (1819, died aged four months). The family was living at Magpie Lane in St Mary the Virgin parish until 1819, and then in New College Lane, where John's next brother Charles James Godfrey was born in 1822 and baptised at St Peter-in-the-East Church. The family then moved to Market House, where John's youngest brother Henry was born in 1824 and baptised at St Michael's Church on 5 August.

John's father died at Market House in 1828 at the age of 42 and was buried at St Mary-the-Virgin Church on 6 August. On 17 November 1833 at St Giles's Church in Oxford his mother Mrs Elizabeth Godfrey married her second husband, the widower Richard Lait.

Two months before his mother's remarriage, on 23 September 1833 at St Thomas's Church, Oxford John Godfrey had himself married his first wife Ann Lait, who was doubtless a relation of his soon-to-be stepfather, possibly his daughter. Both John and Elizabeth were then living in that parish, which at that date stretched as far as Jericho. They had the following children:

  • Ann Mary Godfrey (born in Oxford in 1834 and baptised at St Thomas's Church on 15 April)
  • John Godfrey junior (born at Jericho Street, Oxford in 1838 and baptised at St Paul's Church on 13 May)
  • Ellen Elizabeth Godfrey (born at Jericho Street, Oxford in 1840 and baptised at St Paul's Church on 10 May); died aged nine months.

At the time of his daughter Ann's baptism, John Godfrey was described as a cordwainer; at John's baptism as an upholsterer; and at Ellen's baptism as a draper. He was admitted free on 30 July 1838.

He and Elizabeth were living in Jericho between May 1838 and May 1840 (and in fact may have moved to the Jericho area straight after their marriage in 1833, as until St Paul's Church opened in 1837 it was in St Thomas's parish).

John Godfrey's youngest daughter by his first wife, Ellen Elizabeth Godfrey, died at Jericho Street at the age of nine months in 1840 and on 5 June was buried in St Mary the Virgin churchyard (probably in her paternal grandfather's grave); and three weeks later his wife Ann Godfrey née Lait died at the age of 30, and was buried in the same churchyard on 28 June.

At the time of the 1841 census John (29), now settled as an upholsterer, was a widower, living at Victoria Court in St Mary Magdalen parish with his surviving daughter Ann Mary Godfrey (8) and a family called Hicks. His son John junior (3) was living in Union Street, Jericho with John Godfrey senior's mother Mrs Elizabeth Lait and her second husband, the mason Richard Lait. They were also looking after John's youngest brothers Charles Godfrey (19) and Henry Godfrey (16).

Mary Ann Burley (sometimes Marianne) was born in Oxford in 1818 and baptised at St Giles's Church on 29 March, the daughter of the labourer William Burley and Elizabeth Pike who were married at St Giles's Church on 9 September 1804. They had had two older children baptised there: Richard in 1807 and John in 1815. At the time of the 1841 census Mary Ann (aged 23) was living with her parents in Bulwarks Lane in St Peter-le-Bailey parish, Oxford.

On 13 June 1841 at Wolvercote Church, John Godfrey married his second wife Mary Ann Burley or Burleigh, the daughter of the labourer William Burleigh: they were both then living in Wolvercote. They had the following children:

  • Frank Godfrey (born at Broken Hayes, Oxford in 1841/2 and baptised at St Peter-le-Bailey Church on 27 February)
  • Henry William Godfrey (born at George Street in 1843 and correctly registered under that name but baptised with his forenames reversed at St Mary Magdalen Church on 15 November)
  • Frederick John Godfrey (born at George Street, Oxford in 1846 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen Church on 8 July)
  • Elizabeth Mary Godfrey (born in Oxford, probably at George Street, in 1848 but not baptised until 17 December 1851, at the same time as her youngest brother at St Giles's Church)
  • William Henry Godfrey I (born at Richmond Road (then Walton Terrace) in 1850 and baptised at St Giles's Church on 27 May);
    died at Cabbage Hill aged 7 weeks and buried on 17 July 1850
  • William Henry Godfrey II (born at Richmond Road (then Walton Terrace) in 1851 and baptised at St Giles's Church on 17 December)
  • Emily Jane Godfrey (born at Jericho Street in 1854 and baptised at St Paul's Church in late February/early March)
  • Mary Ann Godfrey (born at Cabbage Hill in 1856 and privately baptised by St Giles's Church on 13 February);
    died at Cabbage Hill aged 2 years 8 months and buried on 3 September 1858)
  • Eleanor Godfrey (born at Cabbage Hill in 1858 and privately baptised by St Giles's Church on 30 August)

The family lived in George Street in St Mary Magdalen parish near the start of their marriage, then in Richmond Road (Walton Terrace), and then at Cabbage Hill (which was a lane running roughly along the site of the present Kingston Road).

By the time of the 1851 census John Godfrey (38), who was still working as an upholsterer, was living at Plantation Road with his second wife Mary Ann (33) and his children (Ann) Mary (17) and John (12) by his first marriage, and Frank (8), Henry (6), Frederick (4), and Elizabeth (2) from his second marriage. Also living with them were his unmarried sister Elizabeth Godfrey (23), who was a dressmaker, and his wife's widowed mother Mrs Elizabeth Burley (71), who was a laundress.

Two of their young children died in 1850 and 1858: they were probably buried in the children's area in the St Giles's section of St Sepulchre's Cemetery.

Their third son Frederick John Godfrey was admitted free on 26 June 1868, and their eldest son Frank Godfrey on 21 July 1871.

The family had moved to back Jericho Street by the beginning of 1861, when John died there:

† John Godfrey died at Jericho Street at the age of 48 [grave marker says 49] in January 1861 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 20 January (burial recorded in the parish register of St Paul's Church).

At the time of the 1861 census the recently widowed Mrs Godfrey (42) described herself as an upholstress and was living at 5 Jericho Street with her seven surviving children: Frank (19), who was an upholsterer; Henry (17), who was a smith); and Frederick (14), Elizabeth (12), William (8), Emily (7), and Eleanor (2).

Two of her sons were married in the 1860s:

  • On 21 December 1862 at St Ebbe's Church, Oxford, Frank Godfrey (21), an upholsterer, married Ann Field (22), the daughter of the upholsterer Eldridge Field: both were then living in Paradise Square;
  • On 2 June 1867 at Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone Road, London, Henry William Godfrey, described as an engineer of Carburton Street, London, married Elizabeth Sampson of Holy Trinity parish, the daughter of the hairdresser George Sampson.

Mrs Godfrey died in 1867:

† Mrs Mary Ann Godfrey née Burley died at Cardigan Street at the age of 49 in November 1867 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 10 November (burial recorded in the parish register of St Paul's Church).

The two eldest children of John Godfrey and his second wife Mary Ann were already married when their mother died, but the youngest, Eleanor, was only nine years old. The 1871 census, taken 2 years and 5 months after Mrs Godfrey's death, shows where all the children went:

1871 census
  • Frank Godfrey (29) was an upholsterer, living at 104 Walton Street, Oxford with his wife Ann (30), who was described as an upholstress, and their children Frank (6), Archibald (4), Annie (3), and Sidney (nine months).
  • Henry William Godfrey (27) was an engine fitter, living in Staines, Middlesex with his wife Elizabeth (29) and their children Elizabeth (2) and Henry (1), and his youngest sister Eleanor (12).
  • Frederick John Godfrey (24) was a labourer, boarding with Mrs Ann Belcher, a victualler of 21 Great Clarendon Street.
  • Elizabeth Mary Godfrey (20) was a dressmaker, lodging at 29 Queen Street, Kensington with Ann Mary Godfrey (28), who may have been a relation
  • William Henry Godfrey (19) was a printer, boarding with the Bricknell family in Kingston Road.
  • Emily Jane Godfrey (17) was living in Clewer, Berkshire at St John's Home, an orphan asylum run by Sisters of Mercy.
  • Eleanor Godfrey (12) was living in Staines, Middlesex with her brother Henry and his family (above)

William Henry Godfrey, son of the above (born 1851)

In about the mid-1870s, William Henry Godfrey appears to have married a woman called Martha, who was born in Oxford in c.1851; but it is hard to identify their marriage. They settled in London, where their five children were born:

  • William Edwin Godfrey (born in Lambeth in 1877, reg. Wandsworth district third quarter)
  • Edith Mary Godfrey (born in Camberwell in 1879, reg. third quarter)
  • Harry Frederick Godfrey (born in Southwark in 1881 and baptised at St Paul's Church, Walworth on 19 June)
  • Martha Elizabeth Godfrey (born in Kensington in 1882, reg. Hackney district second quarter)
  • Marshall Gordon Godfrey (born in Wimbledon in 1885, reg. Kingston district second quarter).

At the time of the 1881 census William Henry Godfrey (29) was an electrotype printer, living in part of 51 Lorrimore Road, Newington with Martha (27) and their first two children William Edwin (4) and Edith Mary (1). They had three more children over the next four years.

William Henry Godfrey died in London in 1885, and his body was returned to Oxford for burial with his parents:

† William Henry Godfrey died in London at 169 Graham Road, South Wimbledon at the age of 34 on 18 November 1885 and was buried at St Sepulchre’s Cemetery on 25 November (burial recorded in the parish register of St Paul's Church).

His effects came to £680 13s. 2d., and his executors were the electrotyper George Phillips of Kensington Park and the engineer Marshall Johnson of Wandsworth.

His widow Martha remained in London with five young children, ranging in age from a few months to age 8. At the time of the 1891 census she was living at 169 Graham Road, Wimbledon with her five children and a 17-year-old servant girl.

In 1901 Martha was living at 20 Danehurst Street, Fulham with Edith (21); Harry (19), who was an insurance clerk; Martha Elizabeth (17); and Marshall (15), who was a stockbroker's clerk. By 1911 Martha (59) was living at 1 Florence Road, Wimbledon with her daughter Edith (31), who was an elementary school teacher.



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